Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crazy for protein?

The question every vegetarian/vegan gets tired of answering:
 "Where do you get your protein!?"

I shall tell you where, far healthier sources then all the meat eaters out there. It's not difficult at all to meet your daily requirements. The average vegetarian/vegan gets 70% more protein then is recommended. You body also can only process about 30 grams at a time and excess protein can lead to kidney disease.

So are you ready to find out my favorite protein sources?
Keep reading!

Quinoa and hemp seeds are what are called whole proteins. This means that they contain all nine amino acids. It is so easy to sneak these in just about everything! White quinoa really doesn't have a taste making it an easy substitute for rice or even pasta. You can put it in tacos, burritos or even burgers to cut down on the less then healthy ingredients. Hemp seeds do have some flavor, sort of nutty but I absolutely enjoy them on my peanut butter toast every morning. They contain lots of essential minerals like iron and zinc. Chia and flax seeds are also good choices and pack a punch of omega 3s and fiber. Flax has a bit more omega 3 whereas Chia wins in the fiber department. However flax does take home the prize for having having more cancer fighting lignans. These can be easily thrown into salads. YUM!

Beans have been proven to lower cholesterol and are high in fiber and antioxidants. Black beans are my ultimate favorite but I haven't found a bean yet that I don't like. Adzuki beans haven't been made too much of a buzz yet but they are high in iron and contain little fat.

I also LOVE nuts. Nuts are a great snack to have on hand. They don't go bad in a warm car like fruit or carrot sticks. Pecans are walnuts are the healthiest but you really cant go wrong when eating any nut as they all contain healthy fats, folic acid and gut healthy fiber! They do pack a bit of carbohydrates. So if you are carb conscious have a palm size portion rather then a bowlful!

I eat a brazil nut every morning. Per Dr. Oz it contains half your daily value of selenium 

Then of course there are the imitation meats. You have tempeh, soy and hemp tofu, and seitan. For these I prefer hemp tofu. Keep an eye out for my vegan mac n cheese coming soon. So good, so good! Of course with these, especially soy, I would definitely recommend organic non GMO.

So there ya have it. Those are my protein staples. I also eat lots of broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus which are high on the list for vegetables.

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